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1200 Vandiver Dr Columbia, MO 65202 855-461-4061 or 573-814-6700 (per Stacey Cole, RJ 10/25/18)
1200 Vandiver Dr, Columbia, MO 65202
Sales: (573) 234-4087 | Service: (573) 234-6489 | Parts: (573) 234-6143

Volkswagen Drive Easy

A comprehensive suite of protection products to help you care for your VW for years to come.

Available Drive Easy Protection Plans

Vehicle Service Protection

Unexpected expenses won’t know what hit them.

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Term Protection

Don’t get worn down by everyday wear.

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CPO Vehicle Service Protection

Unexpect the unexpected.

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Lease-End Protection

End your lease with added ease, not expense.

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Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

Your best bet for a worst case scenario.

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Tire & Wheel Protection with Optional Cosmetic Coverage

Keep on rolling.

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Multi-Coverage Protection

Expand your coverage, extend your peace of mind.

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Theft Protection

Just like your Volkswagen, this one’s a keeper.

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Key Protection

Lost your keys? Not a problem.

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